When You Were A Kid

As parents, we are often asked the most inquisitive and innocent questions by our children. For me, my daughter often asks the question,  

"Dad, when you were a kid, what was your favorite ________ ?"

Well, tonight I gave my daughter the answer to the question, "What were my favorite cartoons when I was a kid." We sat down in front of our computer and after hearing theme songs of Saturday mornings past and viewing iconic images of my boyhood, one cartoon stood out from all the others.

Listen to the energetic theme song as the crisp action is perfectly timed to the beat. Look for the strong and dramatic anatomical poses during each character's introduction and a collage of the cast so nicely composed within the television frame. And finally the harmonious pacing of quick and slow movements, camera angles and perspectives.

The childhood cartoon that I deemed my favorite was, ThunderCats!

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