Looking Back. It is at this time every year that many of us reflect on the events of the past year. The things we have done. The tasks we failed to complete. And the goals we resolve to accomplish in the New Year.

As I reflect back on the achievements of 2011, I am truly humbled by the how fast an idea can grow when it's nourished with passion, watered with determination and tended with faith. VoogDesigns was a seed that was planted inside of me over 15 years ago, but it took that time and the experiences during those years to allow the roots to take hold so that he stalk could finally reveal itself through the soil. Another beautiful metaphor is a rear view mirror, which was used in the church bulletin that I also contribute a comic strip to every week found on Page 9.

Enjoy this special New Years Eve comic strip, and unlike the dad character, let us not be too eager to ring in the New Year without taking the time to reflect on the knowledge and experiences we have gained throughout 2011, to provide us with the wisdom for a meaningful and blessed 2012.

To our past, present and future clients, it is with much gratitude that I thank you for the opportunity to serve you on this wonderful journey and pursue my dreams.

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