Creating a Comic Strip

Deadlines. It's part of the business. Every week I have the pleasure of receiving ideas e-mailed to me from my clients to create the comic strips that I illustrate for them. And it is my challenge to provide the layout to them on how I "see" their idea illustrated in a comic strip. My approach is rather systematic, so I thought I would share my process with you.

I know many artists that choose to draw out what are called "thumbnail sketches" of their ideas to get a feel of how it will look on paper. Time permitting, I will use this approach as well, but more often I will find a quiet place, close my eyes, and let my mind wander. I picture in my mind how I would like the comic strip to flow, and visualize different perspectives and viewpoints to determine which images will illustrate the story best. 

Here is that process for a recent comic strip I completed for our church bulletin. Enjoy!



Vincent | @CuteMonsterDad said...

Thanks for sharing. What's your typical workflow? For example, do you make a sketch on paper. Then scan it, then color it in photoshop? Or do you use illustrator at all? At what resolution? 300dpi? Just curious. Starting up a comic strip soon and trying to get a real world approach. Thanks much.

Vincent | @CuteMonsterDad | CuteMonster.com

VoogDesigns said...

Thanks for the questions Vincent. I used to draw the panels in my sketchbook, then scan them for color and text into photoshop. Earlier this year I bought a Toshiba Portege M400 Tablet/PC and have been doing everything in photoshop since. Working off a strict budget, you can find this tablet/PC for under $500 until saving up for the costlier Wacom Cintiq. Hope this helps.