Deutscher Hund

Inspiration can be found anywhere, and it just so happens that I found some while visiting my in-laws in Germany.


Here are some cartoons of their dog, Benny. He is a very timid shepherd, but loves sure his walks in the snow.


Gone in 30 Seconds

Yep. 30-Seconds. That's about all the time we are given.

What can you do in 30-seconds? Well, a lot really. But what makes this exercise so great is that when we are given a 60-second pose, it seems like an eternity! And 60-seconds then prepares you for 5-minute poses. And then 10-minutes...

If you can accurately capture the attitude, action lines, and a subtle gesture in a model's 30-second pose, then by adding more time you are able to add more details.


Fast and the Frustrated

Ready. Set. Go!

30- When I first started quick sketching, it was frustrating.
25- Your eyes pick up so much detail! SQUINT!
20- Where to start? The shadows? The hair? The anatomy? The pose!
15- The tilt of the head. Angle of the shoulders. The dominant line of action.
10- S curves. C curves. Straights. Negative spaces. Plotting with verticals.
 5- Get in some quick parallel shadows before...
 0- The model moves into the next pose!


"Bolt" of Lightning Without Thunder

Tonight's Family Movie Night was Walt Disney Animation Studios' Bolt.

Debuting in theaters November 2008, the appealing characters and amazing animation is 100% Disney by design. This is the lightning. Bolt, is an American White Shepherd, who has lived his whole life on the set of his action TV show, with the belief he has superpowers. This however, is what is lacking. The strength of a Pixar-esque story, or the thunder. Although executive-produced by Pixar's John Lasseter, Bolt is entirely a creation of the Walt Disney Animation Studios, and is not a Pixar film.

That's OK though. I could watch this film over and over with my daughter, just for the laughs we get from the dialogue delivered by Rhino the hamster, and to simply study the beautiful animation and character design. 


Voogd Volunteers (Well sort of...)

Have you ever been volunteered for a project, and then were really glad you did it?

Well, back in the Summer of 2009, my family and I were visiting with some really great friends of ours. Before a delicious dinner, creative conversation and lots of laughs, I was asked if I would mind helping her with an poster project for a contest at her work.

Feeling happily honored by her request, I replied, "Sure."
To which she responded, "GREAT! I have the poster in my car!"

Now, I don't know if I am that predictable, (to which many would say "yes"), but I am really glad that I assisted her with this project. Not only was our entry, 1 of 4 winners, we were all able to enjoy another memorable evening out with our winnings.


Fun Flynn Flyer

Create Your Own Wanted Poster

Two Thumbs Up for Tangled

Took my family today to see Disney's 50th Animated Feature Film, Tangled. Awesome!

Once upon a time in the not too distant past, cartoons were nothing more than lazy vehicles to briefly entertain children. During our teenage years, we rush and rush to grow up; distancing ourselves from all things young, even the bits and pieces we once loved. But the collective attitude toward animation has changed. Animated films can be, and frequently are, just as funny, serious, joyful, exuberant, honest, heartwarming and unique.

I am part of a small group of people that think animated films are sometimes brilliant, sometimes good, sometimes mediocre, sometimes bad and sometimes unwatchable. We simply treat animated movies like everything else, and when one comes along that’s smart and clever and too much fun to toss aside, we embrace the film and heap on it all the praise it deserves.

Tangled is good. In fact, it’s really, really good, and should be relished by everyone. With a charm entirely its own and two likable, fully developed main characters, Tangled is a joy. For 92 minutes, I once again experienced the magic that is Disney Animation.


"Train Your Dragon" is a Treasure

Tonight we watched Dreamworks Animation's How To Train Your Dragon.

After not seeing this film since it debuted in theaters on March 26, 2010, I forgot how much I enjoyed this animated adaptation of the book. The story, the characters, and relationships that develop with these mythical creatures in this warrior's world is something that I truly enjoyed and easily surrender to.

Although Toothless never utters a word, the acting, expressions and emotions of this creature were exceptionally animated. From the young Viking's virgin flight together, to the synergetic prosthetic conclusion, the story of Hiccup and Toothless is a treasure.

Megamind is Memorable

What a great job it is to be a dad that has to "study" cartoons! I took my daughter to see Dreamworks Animation's Megamind this afternoon and was thoroughly entertained.

Character Design has always been a hang-up for me with many animated films, but the exception of this film is the main character, Megamind, who is tenderly animated expressing a wide range of emotions. As to be expected from Dreamworks, clever comedic delivery of dialogue keeps you focused on every line, beautifully animated and edited action scenes elevates your heart rate, and a college-classic soundtrack that brings back memories that make you bounce around in your seat.

The Little Dragons

This was a fun study I did over 10 years ago, which I just now got from the paper to the computer. The bully of the cartoon I was a little too slow for our Little Dragon...


Welcome to VoogDesigns!

WOW! What a joy it is to finally see a dream of mine becoming a reality. I remember almost 15 years ago imagining a site where I could show my work. I had my logo envisioned and all these ideas in my head. And now with the ease of technology, there is no excuse for not putting those ideas into action.

What will you find at VoogDesigns?
My virtual sketchbook will include cartoons, comic strips, caricatures, portrait illustrations, animation, logos, and graphic designs for your viewing pleasure. And if you like what you see, please share this blog with a friend.

I hope that the many ideas that I have envisioned throughout my childhood and into adulthood find their way into the pages of my web log for others to enjoy. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.