Family Time is a cute little rhyme to show the true joy and happiness of spending time together as family!


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$25.00 (Line) or $40.00 (Full-Color) within 24 hours
Surprise your friend, relative or co-worker with this affordable and unique gift!
Simply e-mail your favorite picture to us!

VoogDesigns Team Toons!
A Unique Gift for Your Sports Star or Coach.

Baseball. I was a pitcher, and played baseball from Little League through Junior College. And like my parents, if your child(ren) play sports, then you probably have your collection of player cards and photo buttons too. But what you don't have is a cool piece of custom wall art of your sports star! 

Introducing, TEAM TOONS, custom caricatures of our young athletes in their player uniforms with team logo! Add a colorful mat and frame for a special piece of wall art. AND as a way to say "Thank You" to the coaches, you can ORDER a custom color caricature of the coaching staff that all the players can sign for a one-of-a-kind gift that the coaches will love!

3 Easy Steps!

  1. Take a high resolution PHOTO of the Player or Coach
  2. E-MAIL the photo with the Team Information to VoogDesigns@gmail.com
  3. RECEIVE the Digital Artwork in 7-10 days to Print-to-Size and Frame!

VoogDesigns Birthday Celebrations
It's all about the kids.

Birthday Parties. A special day that only comes once a year, and as parents we want to make that day memorable for our kids. We've done the "House of Cheese", Moon Bounces, and Jolly Jumpers. But have we ever had a professional cartoonist and caricature artist come to our child's party and make 2-hours seem like 20 minutes?

VoogDesigns will assist in entertaining your next event, making it all about the kids. (And trust me parents, you'll love it too as you sit back and relax as your child and their guests are entertained with fun activities, games and drawing lessons of their favorite cartoon characters.) Watch the slideshow below to see for yourself.

Creative Planning
Every party is creatively customized to your child's interests. Unique games and activities are made to match the theme of the party, making every event unique and memorable. Call or e-mail us to set up a planning session.

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