Drawing Smiles

There is nothing quite like the sound of laughter from a child. Now multiply that by 10 and what a symphony!
Last weekend marked the first VoogDesigns Birthday Party Celebration. Entertaining over a dozen kids, with games, activities, and of course a drawing lesson, watch the slide show below and we'll let you decide if you think the kids had a good time, or a great time!

Ready to plan your child's unique and memorable birthday celebration? CLICK HERE.


VoogDesigns Volunteers

I believe that the gifts we are blessed with are meant to be shared.
Beginning on September 30th, VoogDesigns will be volunteering their time every Friday at Saint Augustine Academy in Ventura, CA to offer a 45 minute class that will explore the following subjects to students of all grade levels that are interested in: Cartoons, Animation, Caricatures, Illustration and Comic Strips.


Rafael World Traveler

Forever Young. Recently we received a request for a caricature to present as a birthday surprise. The client writes of her father-in-law:
His name is Rafael and at 75 years of age he is old but has a young spirit, a good example for us all. He has a passion for hiking, Mexico, and world travel. As you can see, he has a good face for a caricature. And if the comb-over (hair) fits into it, all the better. (It has humored me for years but he just wouldn't be the same without it.) I forgot to mention that he always, always, always wears a dress shirt, tie, dark pants and suspenders. Always. Thank you so much!
We were honored to create this very personal piece of artwork for a man that will remain forever young. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.



Oktoberfest Caricatures

In September? You may be wondering why this post is appearing in September rather than October. Well in Bavaria, the Oktoberfest is actually celebrated in the month of September. But we'll save the history lesson for another post...

Recently VoogDesigns was asked to create an Oktoberfest Invitation featuring caricatures of the two hosts. So we wanted to take you through the process of how this invitation was created. Enjoy!



Labor of Love

Is it really "work" if you love what you do? This is a question I've placed under our contact information which you'll find to the right of this post. You see, ever since I was a kid I have always loved to draw. But in the Summer of 1988, it became my vocation.



  1. A strong feeling of suitability for a particular career or occupation
  1. A person's employment or main occupation, regarded as particularly worthy and requiring great dedication
Through prayer and perseverance VoogDesigns is my vocation.

I believe we are all blessed with unique talents and abilities, and I have been called to be an artist. So if you love what you do, is it really work? Rather it is a Labor of Love.

Happy Labor Day 2011


CarToon Classes

Occasionally, I get the privilege of picking up my daughter and a hand full of other students from their school in a weekly van pool. Well, VoogDesigns has taken this opportunity to create "CarToon Classes".

Every week these young and talented passengers can take advantage of the 20-25 ride home and participate in a new lesson on how to draw and create their favorite animated characters.

Not in the van pool? Not to worry! These lessons will soon be available for anyone wishing to strengthen their drawing skills by enrolling in VoogDesigns Drawing Classes where you will learn the fundamentals of drawing and animating your own cartoons.

Stay Tooned!