Summer SurPRIZES

What do you have planned for your kids this summer? How about drawing to win prizes!
Back in March we announced an upcoming Drawing Contest that would appear in a Sponsorship Ad for my daughter's school yearbook. Well the 2010/2011 Yearbook was released to the students TODAY, and so is the VoogDesigns Drawing Contest!

CLICK HERE for the VoogDesigns Drawing Contest Details


Soul Sketching

 A Sketchbook. What is it for? I was once told that you need to get through 10,000 bad drawings to arrive at your first good one! In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell makes this point with The 10,000 Hour Rule. He provides specific examples to illustrate a common denominator for many of the most successful people in history; that their breakthrough was not achieved before reaching 10,000 hours of practice.

With various projects in development, my sketchbook becomes filled with ideas, searching for the heart (or soul) of the characters I'm creating. Below is a slightly less "cartoony" approach to the Friar character, in the upcoming book, Feathers and the Friar, attempting to add more distinct features from whom this character is based on.


Don Juanito

Observation. One way to give life to a drawing is to actually draw from life. There are great opportunities all around us as artists. One such moment was when I captured a co-worker psyching himself up to try and persuade an attractive girl handing out samples of a health beverage to go out on a date with this charismatic young fellow.