About VoogDesigns

In the Beginning (A Gift)
As I believe is true for most artists, we tend to start drawing at an early age. I recall at time in 1st Grade when our class was asked to write about what we wanted for Christmas. Well, since I loved drawing so much, I chose to draw my present rather than write about it. (I figured Santa could make the toy from my drawings, that way there was no confusion.) Well it worked and I got it on Christmas morning!

I believe we are all born with a gift. For some God blesses us with musical talent. Some are blessed with building or carpentry. Others receive the gift of intellectual prowess. And a chosen few have the gift of healing, be it a doctor or a counselor.

Are We There Yet? (The Journey)
My next big memory is from the summer of 1988, when my family embarked on a road trip around the United States to see as many landmarks as possible in a 1 month period. Little did I know what I would find on this journey. At 13 years old I already had a fondness of animation, but it was at the newly constructed Disney MGM Studios in Orlando, Florida that I knew what I wanted to do.

One attraction at this park is called The Magic of Disney Animation. At the time you were able to watch real Disney Animators at work from behind a glass curtain after viewing a short movie on the process of creating an animated movie. Once I stepped in, it was a slice of heaven for this young artist with a love for cartoons.

The Magic of Disney Animation
Where it became serious for me.

It's from grade school through college that many of us hone our talents to define what it is we really want to do in life. But too often we rush through the experience and find ourselves lost at the end of our time in school.

The Illusion of Life (Distractions)
The bible of animation was written by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, titled Disney Animation- The Illusion of Life. I was fortunate enough to purchase a copy of this classic shortly after our trip in the late 1980s and studied it religiously.

However, as we know from the character on the cover, Pinocchio gets easily tempted off his path by Foulfellow and Gideon, eventually getting in much danger at the puppet show. If we do not stay vigilant, life will offer us these same illusions that can distract us from what we were meant to be and how we are to use our talents.

The Editing Room (A Work in Progress)

The Final Reel (The Legacy)

VoogDesigns Birthday Celebrations
It's all about the kids.

Birthday Parties. A special day that only comes once a year, and as parents we want to make that day memorable for our kids. We've done the "House of Cheese", Moon Bounces, and Jolly Jumpers. But have we ever had a professional cartoonist and caricature artist come to our child's party and make 2-hours seem like 20 minutes?

VoogDesigns will assist in entertaining your next event, making it all about the kids. (And trust me parents, you'll love it too as you sit back and relax as your child and their guests are entertained with fun activities, games and drawing lessons of their favorite cartoon characters.) Watch the slideshow below to see for yourself.

Creative Planning
Every party is creatively customized to your child's interests. Unique games and activities are made to match the theme of the party, making every event unique and memorable. Call or e-mail us to set up a planning session.