Creativity and Children

Father's Day 2015
Is it really work if you love what you do? You've heard me say this before.

Most days I sit at the drawing board in my studio "working". I'll have some music or a movie playing in the background while I'm creating my newest cartoon, comic strip or piece of animation for myself or a client. Hours can seem like minutes when you are "in the zone".

Drawing takes me back to my childhood. A time where I could get "lost" in my art, and spend hours at a time creating the images I saw in my mind and transferring them to paper via my pencil. It was also great for my mom because she was able to get things done around the house and didn't have to worry about what I was up to.

A good friend of mine has a special motto, "Remember your childhood... and pass it on." The legacy of fatherhood is to do just that. To create productive, compassionate and contributing members of our society that help to make the world a better place.

Today is a special working day for me today because on this Father's Day I am passing on my childhood to my daughter in a unique way. She has always drawn quietly in her room (like I used to), but today we are sharing my creative space together. In my studio I am drawing on my tablet and she is drawing on hers. We are both creating!

And this is one of the reasons I am starting NinjaToons.com; to bring parents and their children together through ART. I teach FUN art, not fine art. My philosophy on drawing is that if kids are having FUN drawing, they will want to draw MORE. They will look for opportunities to create custom art like this great Father's Day card my daughter made for me. This is BETTER than any store-bought card because it was created by her with LOVE! Now imagine all our kids creating special memories like this for family and friends!

If you are in the Ventura County or Conejo Valley and are interested in having your child enroll in my Summer Cartooning Camp, there are a few seats still available! Class begins July 6th so please visit NinjaToons.com and reserve your seat today.