Summertime and Sponsorship

With only 3 months away from another Summer Break, vacation time needs to be secured and yearbooks finalized. Here is the ad VoogDesigns submitted to help sponsor my daughter's school yearbook project for 2011, with the upcoming Drawing Contest revealed...


A "Happy" Meal

When I was a kid, my mom used to "brown bag" lunches for me and my sister. What was great about this is that she always used to leave us a little note inside the top fold of the bag to let us know she was thinking of us, which always brightened our day.

Well, not to long ago I came across a creative twist on this idea from my friend and mentor, Mike Kunkel, with his Lunchbags. And when you discover something that is just so fun and original, I had to implement it into the morning lunch-making myself!

A Healthy and Happy Meal for our daughter.



It looks like someone got to the delivery of the new VoogDesignShirts before I did...

Now Available at http://www.store.voogdesigns.com

Now Available at http://www.store.voogdesigns.com

Make Living a Habit

What's your passion? It is very easy in today's world to be distracted from making the most of our God-given talents With 24-hour news, Smart Phones, and 1000 television stations, they can easily occupy our valuable time from making a difference. It's OK, I've been there too. One suggestion- Turn off the T.V. Why?

Because there are only 24-hours in a day. Something happens when you finally realize what you were meant to do and how you can positively impact society with the talents you have been blessed with. Once you discover that, mornings become filled with a vibrant energy!

VoogDesigns received an exciting e-mail yesterday that could potentially take the "Feathers and the Friar" project global! Enjoy this new character design sketch of one of the two main characters from our upcoming book.


Opened Doors

Wow! The Lord certainly knows when we are ready to receive His blessings! In a matter of 1 month VoogDesigns has taken on 2 book projects, opened 3 online gift and apparel stores, and is in discussions on 3 other projects!

But it wasn't always this way. So as a bit of encouragement, I was reminded not too long ago that "fruit grows in the valley, not on the mountain tops." In other words, your trials prepare you for the blessings you are about to receive.

Print this on your Favorite Gift at www.FriarJoes.VoogDesigns.com