Welcome to VoogDesigns!

WOW! What a joy it is to finally see a dream of mine becoming a reality. I remember almost 15 years ago imagining a site where I could show my work. I had my logo envisioned and all these ideas in my head. And now with the ease of technology, there is no excuse for not putting those ideas into action.

What will you find at VoogDesigns?
My virtual sketchbook will include cartoons, comic strips, caricatures, portrait illustrations, animation, logos, and graphic designs for your viewing pleasure. And if you like what you see, please share this blog with a friend.

I hope that the many ideas that I have envisioned throughout my childhood and into adulthood find their way into the pages of my web log for others to enjoy. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.


Anonymous said...

This made my day! Knowing you for so many years and seeing this become a reality is awesome. Looking forward to more of your dreams coming true.


VoogDesigns said...

Thanks Janet! It feels great and I hope to post some familiar drawings for you soon.