Disney's Animation Academy

Discover the secrets of how to draw a classic Disney character from a Disney animator at Animation Academy!

I found out about this recently after a good friend of mine had the privilege of attending this hands-on experience when he chaperoned a year-end field trip for his children' class to Disney California Adventure Park. The last time I attended something this cool was back in 1988 at the Disney MGM Studios in Orlando, FL!

I can't believe I didn't know about this!

Learn the Basics of Drawing
Fun for any age and experience level, Animation Academy provides step-by-step instruction on how to draw some of your favorite Disney characters. Learn some basic tricks and techniques to give your drawing a professional pedigree.
Disney Animation Building
Animation Academy is only one part of the Disney Animation building, where you can learn all about the art and history of Disney animation, in an interactive, hands-on environment.


Unknown said...

I'm really curious about the best way to enter into a Disney program for animation. Ever since I was little I wanted to work for Disney Animation.

VoogDesigns said...

If you are in SoCal you couldn't be in a better place. There are numerous schools that can not only help you to develop a very strong portfolio specific to what animation studios are looking for, but many utilize instructors that are currently working in the industry, giving you direct access to anything you ever wanted to know.