New Life

Animation. When most people see or hear this word, they of course associate it with cartoons. But animation is also defined as:
1. The act, process, or result of imparting life, interest, spirit, or activity.
2. The quality or condition of being alive, active, spirited, or vigorous.

New Years Day is the beginning of a new calendar year and symbolizes a fresh start and the promise of a new life. Like many, I get re-energized at the thought of the tremendous possibilities awaiting my pursuit over the next 366 days... just seeing if you are paying attention. (It's a Leap Year!)

The Bible says in John 10:10
"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."

Enjoy this latest Character Matters comic strip below, and let us approach 2012 with animation! To wake up with an "Attitude of Gratitude" being thankful for the new day and the potential we've been given to make the most of our time to live life to the full.

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