Fashion Faux Pas

Can't find anything to wear?
Well, you're in luck because today is Wear Something Gaudy Day!

The roots of this day go back to the hit 1970's television comedy show "Three's Company". Larry Dallas (played by Richard Kline), one of the characters on the show, declared a Wear Something Gaudy Day.

The word "gaudy" refers to something bright, cheap, showy, outlandish, or otherwise not in good taste. And the epitome of this fashion faux pas is none other than the star of the "Because I Said So" comics! For the past 100 comic strips, "Dad" has found a new way to break every tasteful trend by combining his psychedelic shirts, mismatched short-shorts, white knee-high socks, and brown sandals.

So if you want break all the rules and dress like "Dad", have a little fun today. For just one day, forego fashion and style. Look for something to wear that's really wild and wacky, and will stick out like a sore thumb wherever you go.

And if you're always garbed in gaudy attire, this is your day to find some fashion sense and look like everyone else!

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