Family Time Book

Time Management. As some of you know, I am a very busy guy. I work a second job Wednesday-Saturday, and on these days I get up at 2:00am to manage the various drawing commissions on my drawing board. Whether it's comic strips, caricatures, or character designs, I'm drawing from 2:00am-5:30am before heading to a second job from 6:00am-6:00pm.

Monday I spend most of the day wrapping up commissions, invoicing and marketing. And on Tuesday I teach animation classes for a homeschooling association. I am also a husband and father. So the question is, where do I make time for them? My evenings are dedicated to time with my wife and daughter over dinner and conversation. But the big "Family Day" is on Sunday, which I call "Faith and Family Day". It's on Sundays that I devote the entire day to "Family Time".

Over the past year I was commissioned by local author, Travis Escalante, to illustration a fun little story about the importance of family. Family Time is a cute little rhyme book to show the true joy and happiness of spending time together as a family!

Now you can purchase your own personalized copy of Family Time here! Below are two options to choose from. You can have Travis and I autograph and personalize your copy with a special dedication, OR you can request that I draw a custom cartoon of you that INCLUDES YOU IN THE STORY!

As a freelance animator, illustrator, caricature and comic strip artist, I'd like to sincerely THANK YOU for supporting our book and helping me fulfill my dream of entertaining entreprenuership through my art.

Simply choose from the drop down menu below and then complete questions to complete the order. If you would like to have a custom cartoon of yourself, friend or family member, please email a photo of them to Michael@VoogDesigns.com

I hope that receiving and reading this book helps you discover the magic of family time!


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