Frankenstein Friday

There's Freaky Friday, Friday the 13th, and TGI Fridays. But TODAY we celebrate...
Frankenstein Friday!

Frankenstein Friday is recognized on the last Friday in October and celebrates the birth of Frankenstein and its creator. One of the best known horror characters, Frankenstein dates back to his birth in 1818 when Mary Wollenstonecraft Shelley, at the age of 21, wrote the story "Frankenstein". We can't imagine the Halloween season today without the presence of Frankenstein, lurking somewhere in the darkness.

To celebrate this day, you can watch a Frankenstein movie, read the novel, or...

Frankenstein likes to party too... just WITHOUT the candles!

This special day was created by Ron MacCloskey from Westfield, New Jersey in 1997. But Ron's interest in Frankenstein comes as no surprise because his hometown of Westfield, NJ is also the hometown of Charles Addams, the New York Times magazine cartoonist who created The Addams Family. Ron picked Friday to celebrate this day for the "FR" connection, and because more people can party on Friday than on any other night of the week. Just don't bring the candle flame too close to ol' Franky!

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