Using Your Noodle

In our last post we discussed how to market your business using the 365 Quirky Holidays throughout the year. Well, pile up your plate with a big dish of pasta and your favorite sauce, because today is World Pasta Day!

World Pasta Day was established as an annual event at the first World Pasta Congress held on October 25, 1995 in Rome, Italy, and is promoted by pasta manufacturers around the world. Does this mean that you have to own an Italian restaurant to reap the benefits of this holiday? It helps, but NO.

There are countless ways to market this unique celebration with your customers. How about a funny cartoon/caricature of YOU as a chef with the headline, "We're COOKING UP a special offer just for YOU!" Or maybe it's giving away a $25 coupon to a local Italian restaurant with the purchase of your product or service?

The point is, USE YOU NOODLE. No matter what your business or industry, think outside the box and do what everyone else isn't. One of the number one rules in marketing is to stay in front of your prospects. Now, once you have "catered" your marketing to incorporate a bizarre holiday, you can visually grab the reader's attention with a uniquely creative cartoon. Yes, CARTOONS!

Almost everyone will take a few seconds out of their day to "indulge" themselves with a comic strip or  "feast on" a funny picture. And a few seconds is all you need to grab their attention! At VoogDesigns, we produce high-quality custom cartoons, comic strips and caricatures for clients like YOU, that are designed to create a marketing banquet. Customers will buy when they're ready, so even if they aren't ready for your product or service today, you're likely to at least get a laugh. And a laugh means they like you. And if they like you, they are more likely to buy from you at some point.

P.S. The caricature in this post was created for a client in Germany. Here's the email I received from her describing what she asked me to illustrate:
Hey there! I saw a few caricatures you made and I think they are really good! My godfather has his 50th birthday in September and I would like to give him a caricature as a present. Actually, I want it to be more like a big picture of things he likes and that are important in his life with him in the middle. Maybe you can help me with my imagination if you're interested. He loves Apple [products] and photography. He drives a Mini and likes to go biking. And he loves to cook Pasta; that's why he got the nickname "Nudelninja"! I hope this will help you creating! Danke (:
And VoogDesigns can create the same high-quality artwork for YOU! Say "goodbye" to boring and over-used clipart. Get your emails read and your offers engaged using our custom cartoons, comic strips and caricatures. In fact, rather than deleting your emails, they'll be waiting to open the next one!

P.S.S. What's MORE important that 10,000 twitter followers and 500 facebook friends? Send us an email to discuss a marketing strategy for your business, and we'll send you back this MOST IMPORTANT piece of information.

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