A Kind and Courageous Cinderella

"Inspiration is light a traffic light.
When it is green, you GO."

Which is why I am writing this post at 2:30am. I felt inspired to share a message...

Tonight I took my wife and daughter to see Disney's Cinderella, and although I approached this movie with some reservations, the fact that I am writing about it should tell you there is something great about the message of this movie.

I felt the same way after watching Maleficent last year. With it's unique telling of the Sleeping Beauty story, it felt less "fairytale fantasy" and more about the redemptive nature of "true love".

With Cinderella, the central message is to "be kind, and have courage", which I felt was delivered beautifully as Ella struggles with keeping her mother's promise through the many trials in her story. So why am I taking the time to write about this? Because a happy "coincidence" occurred just an hour ago.

Every Sunday morning from 1:00-2:00am I'm an adorer in my church's Adoration Chapel. It is here where I enter the "classroom of silence", and often receive clarity and insight into problems I'm struggling with or trying to gain some understanding in an area of my life.

Tonight in the Adoration Chapel I had a book with me titled, "Nine Words- A Bible Study to Help You Become the Best-Version-of-Yourself", and I recall reading something months ago that related to the message in the movie tonight. So as I searched through this book, sure enough one of the nine words was "kindness". But the epiphany occurred for me when I read this:
First, kindness is active, not passive. To move toward becoming the best-version-of-yourself, you will engage life, not sit idly by and hope for change. The Holy Spirit changes you, and those changes will make you behave differently. Kindness acts; it takes the initiative.
Second, kindness takes risks for God, even in the face of hostility and danger. Kindness recognizes God's work and seeks to be a part of that. Kindness is courageous. In the same way, becoming the best-version-of-yourself will require courage and risk. Change and growth take courage.
I smiled as I read this sitting in the Chapel, because for me, this was a meaningful moment where the message was clear. Be Kind. Have Courage.

I previously wrote about Talent and Temperament, explaining that it isn't enough to just have talent, you have to hustle (work hard) while remaining humble (be kind). It takes a great deal of courage to pursue your passion, but I believe you must also do so with a humble heart.

As Daniel Pink explains in his book, To Sell is Human, entrepreneurs don't set out to become rich. They begin by solving a problem that many people encounter, and because their product/service solves this problem for the masses, financial abundance generally follows. They offer help, which is an act of kindness. And although not everyone benefits financially for their outreach, there are far more rewards one can receive, such as community and friendship.

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

This is a question that appears on one of my coffee mugs. Pursuing your passion takes courage. Opening your heart to others takes courage. Taking risks requires courage. But if you are pursuing your passions from a place of humility and kindness to answer a problem that needs a solution, then I think you are on the right path.

Find some quiet time away from all the electronics and noise, and begin contemplating the reasons for "why" you are pursuing your passion. What is your passion and what problem are you solving by sharing it with the world? Is is merely for self-gratification, or are you using your gifts and talents to help others. Be Kind. Have Courage.

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