Talent and Temperament

"The reality of any 'animation' or 'art' industry today is that degrees really are not at all relevant to hiring. Yes, you need computer skills but beyond that there are two criteria that employers look for in the main - what can you do as an artist/animator and what are you like as a person." 
-Tony White Founder: The Animator's Sketchclub

For those of you who have been following me, I have been saying this for the past 10 years when I realized that a degree simply says you took the classes, but not how well you can demonstrate you learned the content. That is what your sketchbook and portfolio are for. So when I came across this quote in the comments of a LinkedIn discussion Drawing on the wisdom of the past... why its important to put the STEAM back into STEM! I felt validated.

The first criteria Tony mentions is your TALENT and ABILITY as an artist. It's gonna take a lot of drawings to get there. You've probably heard of the 10,000 Rule. So how do you resolve to get through all the bad drawings to make a living doing the thing you love? I just watched this video again to remind me of "The Most Important Word Ever" to becoming what you want to be in life. And that word is... (Did you really think I would make it that easy?) WATCH IT.

The second criteria is your TEMPERAMENT. What are you like as a person? And for me, the key is to always remain humble. Throughout all the ups and downs in life, remaining humble will keep things in perspective. To be grateful in the struggles and gracious in the successes.

Talent with Hustle, and Temperament with Humility is a WINNING combination!

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