Overcoming Obstacles

Recently I had the honor of drawing a caricature for my cousin's husband in the Netherlands. I've had requests for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Save-the-Dates, and Employee of the Month Awards, but what made this caricature special is that it is celebrating his recovery to walk again!

So away with the wheelchair, crutches and physical therapy appointments. He's got this!

In life we are all going to face challenges. In the moment, we can get frustrated, depressed and even angry. But making sense of it all typically doesn't reveal itself until much later in life when you can reflect on that difficult time with from a new perspective and say to yourself, "Now I can see why that happened."

Believe me,  I'm not saying it is easy while you are experiencing the "valleys" of life. But as a good friend once told me after I explained my own frustrations, "Fruit grows in the valleys, NOT on the mountain tops."

What does that mean? It simply means that in these moments we are meant to learn something. So use the opportunity like I did to find the "fruit" that is growing during your struggles.

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