Shape Shifting

Lines. Shapes. Volume.
Every week I review with my art students the "secrets" to drawing anything. You really only need to learn 3 lines, but it's how you combine those lines that creates your masterpiece. We use these 3 lines to draw shapes, and then transform those shapes into volume.

Our recent lesson has been on Character Design, and I have the students begin with shapes to explore the look of the character they are designing. So I thought I would post a little Work-In-Progress (WIP) of my own, for a project currently in development.

Starting in the upper left corner and moving clockwise around the page, I started with basic shapes to work out my design elements. From there, I began posing this character into the 5 poses at the bottom. There is still work to be done but I thought you'd enjoy seeing how I "practice what I teach" with this fun character.

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