Full-Time to Freelancing

"I’m working full-time on my job and part-time on my fortune..."
-Jim Rohn 

For the person who is dedicated to earning a living pursuing their passion, no truer words have been spoken. Yesterday I wrote about Talent and Temperament, combined with Hustle and Humility. Both are required when balancing a full-time job while living out your dreams in disguise like a superhero concealing their secret identity.

For the past 6 years I have been working a full-time job while building my freelance business as an animator, children's book illustrator, comic strip and caricature artist, and drawing instructor. My clients and my company are always on my mind. Emails, projects, marketing, invoicing, prospecting, follow-up... and then there's the actual drawing! But during the normal business hours of society, I'm like an ArtNinja, secretly planning, positioning and pursuing my passion. Mentally that is.

I wanted to share something exciting that happened to me today while working my "day job", because if you are as passionate about your dreams as I am about mine, there will be times that you can get frustrated, feeling trapped in a job and not moving forward. But if your passion consumes you, and you find yourself constantly marinating on thoughts of your business, there is an answer.

The blessing and the curse of a full-time job is getting great ideas during the work day with out the ability to implement them...yet.

There is a particular business plan that I have been developing, and it's constantly on my mind. Today a solution sabotaged my subconscious filling me with excitement and energy. (This is typically when I get frustrated.) When ideas come to me and I'm stuck at work, restrained from being able to take any action, it can extinguish my inspiration. So what do I do? I simply write the ideas down.

This is why I always recommend carrying a pen and paper with you wherever you go, because you never know when an idea for your business might ambush your attention. Even though you're unable to take immediate action on your idea while you're at work, you can write it down in that moment, so that when you are able to clock out of your full-time job, you can begin working part-time on your fortune.

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